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Risk Assessment for Workers health and safety

Law 626 of 1994 and more recently Law 81 of 2008 and Law 106 of 2009, require companies a number of obligations in terms of safety in workplaces. Companies need to perform an assessment of the risks that may affect the health or threaten the safety of workers, which will then be reported in the Risk Assessment Document.

Object of the assessment are the workplaces, equipments, materials used, work procedures etc. At the end of the assessment, the employer shall develop and keep a document containing:
• a report describing the risks identified and the criteria adopted for hier assessment;
• the identification of prevention measures (technical features, appropriate procedures, collective and individual protection devices, etc …) necessary to remove or minimize possible risks.
• a program of appropriate measures to improve the level of security over time.

Concerning construction companies the document should be developed referring to the company’s workplace (offices, warehouse or store, any equipment maintenance workshop etc …), while the assessment on construction sites (location that experiences constant changes) is performed in the Safety Plan.

Objectives of the work

The goal of risk analysis in the workplace is the finalization of “Risk Assessment Document”.
This document holds certification value if is drafted complying with procedures indicated in legislation on safety measures in the workplaces. The employer has to perform this duty together with other employees, such as the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP), the Doctor and the Representative of Workers’ Safety (RLS).

The objectives of the document concerns the analysis and prevention of sources of risk:

Offered services

The services offered by VDP concern the entire development of the Risk Assessment Document. For each component of potential risk, it consists of a series of specific processes.