Company / Mission

VDP is an Engineering Company with 30 years of experience in the Environmental field, committed to develop multidisciplinary studies and projects for the environmental compatibility of the proposed engineering works.
The culture and experience gained during the last years focused the Company towards the safeguard of the environment and the reduction of environmental impacts of works, in order to assure the well-being of the communities thanks to the planning of the lowest possible impact conditions and specific high sustainability solutions of intervention.

VDP provides support to both public corporate bodies and private organizations, to realize integrated territorial actions that combine optimized solutions with the maximum level of environmental integration.

Since the establishment of the Company, the main direction has been to pursue the acquisition of qualified contracts implying a high know-how content.
VDP’s mission, based on the in-depth analysis and assessment of the socio-economic and environmental situations, is to contribute to carry out projects in which technology and development are compatible with the needs of environmental safeguard and conservation, in line with the international standards.

Our Clients’ trust and appreciation gained during the years urge us to provide complete and competitive services, with a special attention to technical contents and graphic output.