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  • 06 December 2023

    COP28 UAE - United Nations Climate Change Conference

    Our CEO and OICE Councillor with responsibility for the environment, Francesco Ventura, took part in the COP28 UAE Expo City Dubai on 3 December, at the Conference ” Renewing territories to support the multi-transition and development of the third millennium” organized by REMTECHEXPO Ferrara Expo and coordinated by Silvia Paparella.

    The intervention of Eng. Francesco Ventura showed the activities of our engineering and architecture companies in the fight against climate change.
    The speakers, all of absolute prestige, brought to the attention of COP28 the issues of the management of natural resources, infrastructure, water, energy as part of a systemic vision.

    Details at the link below:

  • 14 November 2023

    PNRR construction field - ECOMONDO 2023

    Eng. Francesco Ventura, Sole Administrator and Technical Director of VDP Srl, as OICE Adviser responsible for the Environment, participated, as a speaker, at the conference on PNRR in the construction sector at the Ecomondo Event in Rimini.

    The speakers made a first analysis with respect to the level of environmental quality present in the projects of the PNRR. It was a constructive comparison between the different representatives of the sector where the critical points and the opportunities for application of the PNRR.

    Took part in the seminar: Fabrizio Penna ( Head of the United Department’ of Mission for the PNRR of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security ), Andrea Ferrante ( President of the Special Section of the Superior Council.LL.PP of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport ), Antonello Martino ( Station Management RFI), Errico Stravato ( A.D. of SOGESID ), Fabrizio Capaccioli ( President of G.B.C. Italy) and Silvia Grandi ( D.G.della Direz. Gen. MASE Circular Economy.)

  • 03 Octobre 2023

    VDP - Sapienza Career Day 27 september 2023

    This year VDP participated at the Sapienza Career Days on September 27th, promoted by Sapienza University of Rome and realized with the organizational support of Cesop; an event that allowed us to meet and interact with many students, undergraduates and graduates.

    It was really nice to tell them the story of our society and share our experiences: we strongly believe in the abilities of the new generations!


  • 29 September 2023

    VDP took part to Remtech Expo 2023

    Great success also this year for VDP srl in Ferrara Fiere Remtech where we participated as an exhibitor inside the island OICE welcoming and meeting in our stand customers, partners and friends who were presented with the services and the various sectors where we operate.

    In addition, Eng. Francesco Ventura CEO of VDP srl and OICE director with responsibility for the environment, introduced together with Eng. Giorgio Lupoi, OICE president, the interesting debate on the topic of environmental design and new procurement code. They participated in the convention, expressing their point of view, various institutional representatives, contracting stations and designers. Alessandro Zenti, partner and Project Manager of VDP srl, explained some problems related to environmental monitoring plans and the need to codify and standardize their drafting.

  • 06 September 2023


    Also this year, VDP supported the annual survey on the sector of Italian engineering companies. The 2022 balance was presented on July 11 at the OICE Conference entitled “From the PNRR to the Green Deal, passing through the Bridge” in the prestigious venue in the MAXXI Auditorium in Rome.

    The traditional annual appointment with the “OICE-cer Report”, which photographs and comments
    the performance of the sector of the engineering and architecture companies associated with OICE, is placed in a context that is characterized by the particularly positive moment of the construction sector. In fact, there is a strong growth, which requires more and more organized and multidisciplinary structures able both to carry out the traditional activities of engineering and architecture, and to support clients in the management of activities and in the processes of innovation and digitalization.

  • 17 July 2023

    Convegno OICE “Dal PNRR al Green Deal, passando per il Ponte”

    Lo scorso 11 luglio si è svolto il Convegno OICE “Dal PNRR al Green Deal, passando per il Ponte” al seminario sono intervenuti i rappresentanti delle principali società di ingegneria e Stazioni Appaltanti italiane, all’auditorium del Maxxi a Roma.

    il nostro CEO Francesco Ventura (coordinatore Gdl OICE Ambiente), ha preso parte alla tavola rotonda “La sostenibilità ambientale nel nuovo codice appalti: prospettive evolutive” coordinata da Mauro Salerno de “Il Sole 24ore”.

    Al convegno, introdotto dal Presidente OICE Giorgio Lupoi, sono intervenuti, fra gli altri, Pietro Salini (amministratore delegato di Webuild), Patricia Viel Logo del commerciante (ACPV ARCHITECTS), Daria Piccioni (Responsabile Direzione Ingegneria Investimenti RFI), Trifone Altieri (presidente INVIMIT SGR), Massimo Babudri (direttore Servizi al patrimonio Agenzia del Demanio), Marilisa Conte (responsabile engineering & Technical Coordinator di ASPI), Angelica Krystle Donati (consigliera TERNA), Cristiana Colli (responsabile infrastrutture DPM Lead LEANDLEASE), Marco Sangiorgio (amministratore Delegato Giubileo 2025), Andrea Ferrante (dirigente Generale del Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici).

    Dopo le relazioni dei Vice Presidenti OICE il convegno si è concluso con un intervento del Vice Presidente del Consiglio e Ministro delle Infrastrutture e Trasporti Matteo Salvini, il quale ha fatto presente che non c’è stato un rallentamento delle gare anzi ha dichiarato che e vi è la speranza di un decollo delle gare a seguito dell’assorbimento del Codice.

  • 03 July 2023


    VDP Srl has participated and sponsored the conference on EFFECTIVENESS AND SUSTAINABILITY OF MEASURES OF MITIGATION OF ROAD TRAFFIC NOISE that was held last June 28 in the Bozzetti room at the headquarters ANAS SpA organized by PIARC - World Road Association.

    The meeting was coordinated by the President of PIARC CT 3.4. Arch. Giovanni Magaró and Prof. Massimo Garai of the University of Bologna presented the results of the specific working group.

    In addition to our Technical Director, Francesco Ventura, with a focus on Sound Mitigation Measures in the road sector, attended the President and the A.D. of ANAS , as well as representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, universities, motorway operators and operators.

    Noise mitigation, although a topic that has been under discussion for many years now, continues to be a topical topic of great interest. To date, we have to face new needs that infrastructure managers and all stakeholders must be able to move in a changing context and take advantage of new methods to consider in a broad perspective the effectiveness and sustainability of the new noise attenuation.

  • 17 May 2023

    Webinar in Jakarta "Green and Smart City, Regeneration, Design and New Technologies for a Sustainable Future"

    Francesco Ventura, CEO of VDP and OICE Director with responsibility for the Environment, and Arch. Simona Nebbioso, Proposal Manager of VDP , gave a talk, last 15 May, at the virtual seminar on “Green and Smart Cities, Re-generation, Design, and New Technologies for a Sustainable Future” developing a report on “Smart Cities and Sustainable Mobility, innovation for Economic Growth and Quality of Life in Italy, the offer of the Italian design chain for the new capital of Indonesia, Nusantara”.

    The event organized by ICE Jakarta (Indonesia) with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation was an opportunity to illustrate the Italian vision on the creation of the smart city. The initiative, sponsored by the same OICE, will sponsor the candidacy of Rome Expo 2030.

    Participated Italians and Indonesians specialists in engineering, architecture and design.

  • 27 April 2023


    Francesco Ventura, our CEO, attended the bilateral conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine that was held at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome on April 26.

    The meeting was attended by the leaders of the main Italian and Ukrainian private and public companies.

    There have been institutional interventions in which, among other, the President of the Council, Giorgia Meloni, the two Vice Presidents of the Council Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini and ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti and Adolfo Urso while for Ukraine Prime Minister Denys Shmyhale and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov.

    In addition, it should be noted that already in 1994 VDP Srl was present in Ukraine with the study concerning the project of environmental technical and economic feasibility of the motorway from Kiev to the western border with Hungary (study financed by the EBRD).

    In the near future we will be happy to support Ukraine in its reconstruction together with other Italian engineering companies.

  • 17 April 2023

    EnergyMed Conference

    Our CEO, Francesco Ventura, participated last April 1st in Naples, as OICE Councillor with responsibility for the Environment, at the Energymed Conference ” Reclamation, waste management and regeneration in the era of ecological transition and PNRR”. It was certainly a moment of confrontation between institutions, research bodies, companies, designers and stakeholders on the issues related to the upcoming deadlines of the PNRR and the new Code of Public Contracts.

    Participated, among others, the Vice President of the Chamber Sergio Costa, the Head of the Department of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security Laura D’ Aprile, the Single Government Commissioner on illegal landfills Gen. Giuseppe Vadala’, the Commissioner delegate for the ‘emergency landslide and reconstruction of Ischia Giovanni Legnini, l’ A.D. of REMTECHEXPO Ferrara Expo Silvia Paparella and the President of Camera Forense Environmental Cinzia Pasquale.

  • 13 March 2023

    Also this year, VDP supports the webinar of the 6th edition. OICE Tender Report BIM 2022.

    VDP, also this year, has supported the interesting webinar of March 9 for the presentation of the 6th OICE Report on BIM 2022 and digitalization. The event was introduced by OICE president Giorgio Lupoi and moderated by director Andrea Mascolini.
    During the webinar, with the presence of executives Anas, RFI and Agenzia del Demanio, was underlined the importance of BIM in the tender documents and the growth it is having in recent years: in 2022 the calls in which reference was made to BIM were 1,003, while in 2021 534. The acceleration is due to the total trend of the question on the push of the participations of the PNRR.

  • 28 November 2022


    On 26 November the new M4 line of the City of Milan was opened to the public with the first 6 stops from Linate airport to Dateo station.

    Our CEO, Francesco Ventura, attended the inauguration representing the VDP that has contributed to this great work by performing some studies and investigations on vibrations and noise generated by the new “driverless” trains that will run the Blue Line.

    The importance of this engineering project is essential for the development of the Lombard capital and for the strengthening of its position in Europe.

    The event was attended by, among others, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini, the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana, the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, the President of ENAC Pierluigi Di Palma and the CEO of Webuild Pietro Salini.

  • 14 November 2022

    The environmental sustainability of the works - ECOMONDO 2022

    L’ Eng. Francesco Ventura, CEO of VDP Srl, as OICE Councillor with responsibility for the Environment, took part on 11 November, as speaker, in “The Environmental Sustainability of the works: evaluation processes” conference at the Ecomondo Event in Rimini with a report on “The environmental sustainability of projects”.

    The reports were presented by speakers from the main institutions, the contracting authorities (Terna and Sogin) and designers.

    Below the program:

    Were present among others: Gianluigi Nocco, Director General Environmental Assessments, Massimiliano Atelli, President Commissions CTVA VIA/VAS and PNIEC- PNRR, Ministry of Ecological Transition, Andrea Ferrante, Special Committee - Superior Council of Public Works, Paola Brambilla, CTVA VIA/VAS VIA Subcommittee Coordinator, Anna Cacciuni, VIA Section Manager, ISPRA, Fulvio Bonavitacola, IMGT Commission Coordinator Conference of Autonomous Regions and Provinces - VP Reg. Campania.
    In his contribution Ventura has tried to highlight the role of designers, who are called to request, in the proposers, a responsibility towards the effects determined by the works they create, introducing, with increasing force, the concept of “compensation” of residual effects.

  • 03 Octobre 2022

    VDP took part in Remtech Expo 2022

    Also this year VDP participated as an exhibitor at Remtech Expo 2022: the only permanent international event specializing in the protection and sustainable development of the territory, remediation of contaminated sites, coasts and ports, hydrogeological instability, climate change, seismic risk, urban regeneration and sustainable chemical industry, which took place in Ferrara from 21 to 23 September.

    Excellent outcome of the OICE conference entitled “Transizione Ecologica e PNRR - Riflessioni sull’attuazione e sulle prospettive di sviluppo”, coordinated by Eng. Francesco Ventura OICE Councillor with responsibility for the Environment and Eng. Giorgio Lupoi President of OICE.

    Prof. Massimiliano Atelli, President of the Technical Commission VIA-VAS and of the Commission PNRR-PNIEC near the Mite, Dr. Davide Ciferri, Head of Task Force PNRR at MIMS. In addition, we mention, for their contribution, also the contracting stations that participated with Eng. Francesco Misuraca, Head of Environmental Technical & Site Activities of ENI REWIND, Eng. Enrico Fusco, Head of Engineering Services and Environmental Restoration Project and R. U. Bagnoli INVITALIA, Dr. Carolina Ercolani, Responsible SO Environment Technical Direction of ITALFERR, Arch. Antonello Martino, Head of Engineering and Investment - Station Management RFI and finally Dr. Nicoletta Rivabene, Head of Environmental Policy and Design of TERNA.

    Finally, among the designers we must mention Eng. Alessandro Zenti of VDP, who, together with other colleagues, has provided a very comprehensive overview of the many issues arising from the implementation of the new framework that forms the framework for the activation of the interventions of the Next Generation EU and in particular on the environmental sustainability report and the new criterion of DNSH “Do no significant harm”

  • 30 August 2022

    VDP participates in JV, winning the TD for the historical redevelopment of the RAI headquarters.

    VDP is proud to participate in the RTP composed by: ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, DBA PRO, GSE and FACES awarded the tender for the restyling of the historic Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini 14, Rome. An important intervention of architectural redevelopment, in the name of ecology, sustainability and biophilia: new spaces will be provided, more comfort for people, innovative technologies and design.

  • 10 June 2022

    CV AT LUNCH - Università degli Studi Roma Tre

    Last June 7th we participated in the CV AT LUNCH event organized by the Department of Engineering of the University of Roma Tre to encourage the meeting between companies, undergraduates and recent graduates.
    We are really excited to have had the chance to tell the story of our society and share our experiences with students.
    We strongly believe in the abilities of the new generations.


  • 01 June 2022

    Workshop on PNRR - Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Roma

    On 31 May Eng. Francesco Ventura, CEO of VDP srl, and Eng. Roberto Coronato, PM of VDP srl, attended the seminar of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome on the theme ” PNRR and national funding for mobility infrastructure in the metropolitan area of Rome ” with a report on the principle of DNSH (Do No Significant Harm).

    The event was also attended by representatives of MIMS (Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility), Roma Capitale, Invitalia, Roma Servizi per la Mobilita and Roma Metropolitane

    The goal that VDP srl wants to achieve, through the experience gained in environmental engineering projects and works, is to make a contribution to improving the state of the environment and protecting environmental resources, according to the logic of sustainability and environmental balance in line with International standards.

  • 23 May 2022

    VDP at ALL-Energy Exhibition and Conference in Glasgow

    This year VDP, with its stand in the Italian Pavilion organized by OICE and ITA - Italian Trade Agency with the support of the Farnesina along with other Italian Engineering Companies, participated in ALL-Energy Exhibition and Conference in Glasgow.
    L’Eng. Francesco Ventura, CEO of VDP, sat as speaker at the Round Table “Italian Solutions for decarbonized energy plants” presenting the company’s experiences in this innovative sector.

  • 21 March 2022


    Even this year we obtain, after the annual verify of KIWA CERMET, the renewed of ISO 14001:2015, relative to the System of Environmental Management.
    This certification goes with the other ISO in our possession, already renewed: ISO 9001:2015 relative to the quality, ISO 45001:2018 relative to the security on work and ISO 37001:2016 on the anti-corruption.

  • 08 March 2022

    VDP sponsors and supports the webinar of the 5th edition. OICE Race Report BIM 2021

    VDP has been pleased to sponsor and support the interesting webinar that was held on February 24th through the presentation of the 5th OICE Report on BIM 2021 Tender and digitalization, introduced and moderated by OICE President Gabriele Scicolone.
    During the event, the growth in the years that BIM has had in the TD documents was highlighted.
    Surely in the future there will be more steps ahead to demonstrate how engineering and organized architecture are able to invest in innovation and digitalization.

    Follow the link to download the program

  • 14 December 2021

    Award for the design of new tram lines - Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

    As for 30 years in this part operating in the sector of Trams, we received the person in charge for the design of technical economic feasibility (PFTE) of the two largest lots of the tender called by Rome Mobility Services: the Lot 4 consists of the Line H Anagnina-Torre Angela and from Linea G from Policlinico di Tor Vergata to Banca d’Italia and Lotto 5 of the Marconi-Appia Antica-Subaugusta tramway; In join venture with the SYSTRA-SOTECNI, SYSTRA SA, ARCHITECNA ENGINEERING S.r.l., GO-Mobility and POLEIS soc. coop.

    In both LOTs VDP will deal with environmental aspects in all the various design phases.

  • 06 December 2021

    CONNEXT 2021 Milan- 2-3 dicember

    Francesco Ventura, Coordinator of the OICE Working Group on Smart Cities and Simona Nebbioso, VDP Proposal Manager, will take part at the National meeting of industrial partnership of Confindustria which will be held on December 2-3 at MiCo Milano Convention Centre – Milan. A unique opportunity for comparison between companies, economic partners and Public Administration.

    Together participated as speakers at the SMART CITIES: Investing in the future program in digitally way on the afternoon of 2 December, “Business Operators’ Role in Boosting Economic Recovery in the Mediterranean”.

    Click the link below to see the program:

  • 15 Octobre 2021


    VDP, together with INC in Turin, won the 188 million ANAS tender for “La variante di Ancona” on the Adriatica main road. The Company (INC) indicated VDP for environmental monitoring activities. The works concern the extension of the state road 16 “Adriatica”: a work waited for about twenty years that will make it easier to reach the regional hospital of Torrette and the city of Ancona, coming from the north coast of Marche. The duration of the work provided for in the tender notice is approximately 3 years.

    For more details on the link below the article:

    Anas, la Inc di Torino conquista la variante di Ancona da 188 milioni sulla statale 16 | NT+ Enti Locali & Edilizia (

  • 06 Octobre 2021

    VDP selected in the OPEN HOUSE ROMA 2021 program - #OHR21

    Also this year our headquarters VDP was included in the program Open House Rome and we welcomed several visitors last October 2 on the day of opening to the public.

    In recent years the project of our headquarters has received numerous international awards:

    - Shortlist in the category Interior in THE PLAN AWARDS 2017
    - Silver Winner at A’DESIGN AWARDS 2017
    - Winner in the Interior category of the IF DESIGN AWARD

    We look forward to see you next year!

  • 07 June 2021


    VDP participated as exhibitor at the DUBAI AIRPORT SHOW, the largest airport event, which was held on May 24 and 26 at the DUBAI trade center. VDP was present with a dedicated stand for networks, brochures and b2b meetings together with other Italian engineering companies. In addition, the Arch. Simona Nebbioso, as speaker, proposal manager of VDP, as speaker, join in the Panel “Innovation Strategy for a New Airport Experience” led by moderator Sunil Malhotra. During the GALF (Global Airport Leaders Forum) conference, the Arch. Simona Nebbioso, presented a report on the importance of sustainability, integrations on modes of transport and technologies in the airport.

    We thank again ITA (Italian Trade Agency), OICE and S.E. Nicola Lener, Italian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates for this great network opportunity.

    We also thank the other engineering companies present at the stand ITALY: 3TI PROGETTI S.p.A., Artelia Italia, ADR Ingegneria S.p.A., F&M Ingegneria Spa, INTEGRA AES Srl, RINA Consulting, SEINGIM, Technital S.p.A., Youandtech.

  • 17 March 2021

    VDP partner of Master "Esperto Gestione dell'Ambiente"

    The next 22 April will officially start the Master “Esperto Gestione dell’Ambiente” organized by the Environmental Forensic Chamber in collaboration with Remtech Expo. The Eng. Francesco Ventura will be part of the Scientific Committee together with other experts including Prof. Amedeo Postiglione (President Foundation of European Judges for the Environment), Giuseppe Vadalà (Extraordinary Commissioner of Government for the Reclamation of Landfills
    Abusive), Marco Mari (President Green Building Council Italy), Avv. Cinzia Pasquale, Dott.ssa Silvia Paparella.

    The Master is presented as a training course that constitutes a real opportunity for professional growth and a concrete job opportunity.

    Registration is open until 18 April. The program and the registration methods can be downloaded at the following link:

  • 04 November 2020

    Reinventing Cities Tender, Ex Mira Lanza

    VDP Srl in partnership with SPSK, The Hub Roma Srl. StudioSilva Srl Studio Valla, Arch.Paola Altamura, has been shortlisted to the second step of Reinventing Cities call, promoted by the world capital network ‘C40’, to submit own proposal.

    In the capital one of the area identified to participate to the recovery plan of the spaces is the Ex Mira Lanza, Marconi district, in Rome. Our Aim is to realize urban regeneration project with a focus on environmental sustainability to recover the abandoned areas encouraging a redevelopment of the area through new ways of living places in an alliance between public and private.

    This project will be an opportunity to deal with future models of transformation with other cities of the world.

  • 27 May 2020

    Eastern Waterfront of Genoa

    VDP Srl contributes to the development of the new “Eastern Waterfront” in Genoa.
    The project, donated to Liguria Region, the Municipality of Genoa and the Port Authority by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, is part of the operational urban planning project to implement the general redevelopment of the port area and improve the relationship between the city and the sea.
    VDP will take care of the preparation of the documents for the Environmental Impact Assessment, and the related assistance to the competent Authorities, in the context of the construction of a navigable urban canal parallel to the coast and extended from the Old Port to the mouth of the Bisagno.

  • 22 May 2020

    VDP member of ASviS

    VDP Srl has joined ASviS - Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development as an associate.
    A recognition of our attention to the principles of 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the related 17 Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs.

    ASviS was created to raise awareness of the importance of the 2030 Agenda in Italian society, economic players and institutions and to mobilize them in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Alliance currently brings together over 270 of the most important institutions and networks of Italian civil society.

  • 05 May 2020


    Il 28 aprile l’Ing. Ventura ha partecipato con un intervento, come referente OICE, alla seconda giornata del webinar RESTART IN GREEN FORUM E THINK GREEN sul tema dei DIALOGHI TRA DIRITTO E MODELLI DI GOVERNANCE, organizzato da RemTech Expo e CFA.

    Si è discusso della semplificazione normativa e la legislazione di emergenza nell’attuale scenario di allarme sanitario: l’Ing. Ventura ha portato all’attenzione dei partecipanti le proposte per la “Fase 2″ e la gestione della sicurezza nel cantieri” che OICE ACADEMY ha presentato a Governo, Parlamento, Task force Colao, ANAC e Istituto Superiore per la sanità.

    Qui il link per rivedere l’evento che è stato organizzato su 4 giorni dal 27 al 30 aprile e che ha avuto fra i relatori il Sottosegretario Ministero dell’Ambiente Morassut, il Direttore Scientifico dell’Ospedale Spallanzani Ippolito, il Virologo e Docente dell’Università Milano Pregliasco, il Direttore Generale ISPRA Bratti.

  • 06 April 2020

    New assignment for VDP for the development of the new Turin Lyon railway line

    After the environmental monitoring activities carried out from 2012 to 2018 in Chiomonte for the Tunnel Maddalena, VDP Srl continues its commitment on the project of the High Speed Turin-Lyon railway line with the Works Supervision (environmental part) for the construction of the Niches of Tunnel Maddalena. The assignment will be developed by VDP together with the colleagues of Pini Swiss Engineers SA and Pini Swiss Engineers Srl.

  • 25 Octobre 2019

    VDP sponsor of the event "Rome on the move"

    VDP sponsored the presentation of the book “Rome on the move: piers to connect disconnected territories” by Prof. Lucina Caravaggi and Orazio Carpenzano (Department of Architecture and Design of University of Roma La Sapienza). The presentation has been attended, among others, by Sen. Francesco Rutelli, Sen. Walter Tocci, the Councilor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Rome Luca Montuori, Eng. Sara Venturoni Director of Stations for Italian Railway Company.

    The meeting represented an interesting moment for sharing views on the theme of mobility in Rome nowadays and over the last 25 years, looking at new ideas and strategies for integrating urban spaces.

  • 04 Octobre 2019

    VDP exhibitor at REMTECH 2019

    Also in 2019, great commitment by VDP at RemTech, permanent international event specializing in remediation, environmental and natural risks, land regeneration, climate change and circular chemistry, which took place this year from 18 to 20 September in Ferrara.

    VDP participated as exhibitor within the “OICE Island” and intervened in two interesting moments of discussion.
    The first, “Environmental sustainability and procurement rules” coordinated by Eng. Ventura, OICE board member with responsibility for the environment, and with the speech of Arch. Sonia Occhi, PM in VDP.
    The second “Smart Ports National Conference” with the sppech of Arch. SIlvia Martorana, PM in VDP and member of the Environment Working Group at OICE. 

  • 10 July 2019

    Georgia-Italy Business Forum

    VDP took part in the Georgia-Italy Business Forum organized in Tbilisi last July 4th by Agenzia ITA, OICE, ANCE.

    The Forum has been an important opportunity of dialogue with leading Georgian representatives including the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy and Executives of Public Bodies and Municipalities.

    There have been also meetings with representatives of the main IFIs operating in the country and B2B with local companies, to strengthen relationship for the numerous opportunities offered by the dynamic infrastructural development of the country.

    Mr. Ventura participated as OICE Chief of Delegation, also signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Georgian Association of Engineers.

    As part of a work table dedicated to infrastructures, VDP presented the Report developed by the working group OICE on Smart Cities in front of an audience of Italian and Georgian companies and Representatives of the Institutions of the Country.

  • 09 May 2019

    VDP in the “Sustainability Map”

    VDP has been included in the “Sustainability Map”: the first screenshot of responsible companies in Italy. The initiative, conceived by the CSRnatives network and coordinated by Koinètica, highlight the companies that have started a path of sustainability in the different Italian regions.
    To be included in the Map, which includes about 400 Italian companies, a minimum number of indicators and performances in the areas of “Business Ethics and Governance”, “Environment”, “People” has to be fulfilled.
    The Map, together with in-depth information on the Project, can be consulted at the following link:


  • 21 February 2019

    Meeting at Italian Embassy to the Holy See

    Mr. Francesco Ventura at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the signing of the Lateran Pacts.

  • 12 February 2019

    VDP in Israel

    VDP took part at OICE business mission in Tel Aviv-Israel. “Building together Italy&Israel”, to enhance business relationship and open to new market and opportunities.

  • 07 January 2019

    VDP in Belgrade for the event "Building together. Italy&Serbia"

    VDP took part at the event “Building together. Italy&Serbia.” on 4th and 5th 2018 December in Belgrade. 2 days of meetings, panels by Government and IFIs representatives, B2B with new potential partners in the sector of Transport infrastructures, Environment and Energy.

  • 10 Octobre 2018

    New project in Malta - Malta Italy Gas Pipeline Interconnection

    VDP took part at the Kick off meeting with Government Energy and Water Agency after the awarding of the tender for Permitting Activities including Environmental Impact Studies for the Malta Italy Gas Pipeline Interconnection. VDP will work in partnership with AIS Environment and CESI.

  • 10 September 2018

    VDP exhibitor at RemTech fair in Ferrara

    VDP joined as exhibitor at RemTech fair in Ferrara from 19th to 21st September - Hall 4, stand 130 - OICE Area.

    Furthermore, on September 19th at 9.30am, VDP participated, with Mr. Ventura and Ms. Occhi as speakers, at the OICE National Conference “FOCUS on PROCUREMENT CODE AND ENVIRONMENT”. At this link the programme of the Conference in Italian.

  • 25 May 2018

    Convegno OICE sulla nuova direttiva VIA 104/2017

    Si è tenuto mercoledì 16 maggio, presso il Centro Congressi Cavour a Roma, il Convegno OICE sulla nuova direttiva VIA 104/2017, organizzato in qualità di coordinatore scientifico e Consigliere OICE con delega all’Ambiente dall’Ing. Francesco Ventura di VDP.

    Scopo dichiarato dell’incontro, moderato dal dott. Cianciullo di “la Repubblica”, è stato quello di fare un primo bilancio, a quasi un anno dall’entrata in vigore del Decreto Legislativo 104/2017 che ha recepito la nuova Direttiva VIA, delle novità e dei cambiamenti sopravvenuti nelle procedure e negli studi di impatto ambientale.

    Il convegno è stato aperto dagli interventi del Presidente dell’OICE ing. Scicolone, del Consigliere con delega per l’Ambiente ing. Ventura e dell’arch. Pieri della Direzione Generale per le Valutazioni Ambientali del Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare.

    A seguire si sono tenute due sessioni durante le quali sono intervenute rispettivamente le stazioni appaltanti/ proponenti di opere ed alcune società di progettazione dell’OICE.

    La prima sessione ha visto i contributi dell’arch. Magarò di Anas, della dott.ssa Ercolani e dell’arch. Dajelli di Italferr, della dott.ssa Rivabene e dell’ing. Marchegiani di Terna e della dott.ssa Bunone e dell’arch. Rossi di Sogin.

    In seguito alcune società di ingegneria OICE, tra cui VDP rappresentata dall’Arch. Sonia Occhi, hanno presentato casi di studio mettendo in evidenza i punti di forza e debolezza del nuovo decreto.

    Il Convegno ha rappresentato il secondo appuntamento su tale tematica che avrà un ulteriore momento di approfondimento nell’evento che si terrà a Ferrara il 19 settembre nell’ambito di REMTECH 2018

  • 27 April 2018

    UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

    VDP has updated, among the first Engineering Companies in Italy, its certification for the Environmental Management System to the “new” international standard UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 with KIWA-CERMET.

  • 21 March 2018

    New Awards for VDP office

    International Magazine Frame’s upcoming publication “THE OTHER OFFICE THREE” on workplace design, highlights inspirational interiors that are setting the trends in creative workplace design, features VDP engineering office. 

    In recent months, the project of VDP new headquarters has received a number of International Awards:

    Shortlisted in the Interiors Category for THE PLAN AWARDS 2017

    Silver Winner at A’DESIGN AWARDS 2017 

    Winner at IF DESIGN AWARD a world-renowned design prize. The winning project VDP office won in the interior discipline, in the Office category. Each year, Germany’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based IF international forum design gmbh, organizes the IF DESIGN AWARD.
    VDP office won over the 58-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world. The competition was intense: over 5,500 entries were submitted from 59 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

    Finalist in the Office category at the INSIDE FESTIVAL OF INTERIORS AWARDS 2016. Inside is the sister festival of the WORLD ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL (WAF) held at the Arena Berlin, Germany on the 16th – 18th November 2016.

  • 26 February 2018

    VDP to Italian Business Mission in Albania

    VDP last 19th and 20th February VDP took part to the Italian Business Mission in Albania in Tirana, together with the OICE delegation.

    The delegation was led by the Deputy-Minister of Economic Development Ivan Scalfarotto, and was attended, among others, by the President of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Italian Ambassador to Albania Alberto Cutillo.

    During the Mission, a number of B2B meetings have been attended with counterparts from Albania, Kossovo and Macedonia in the infrastructure and environment sectors.

  • 15 December 2017

    VDP in Tanzania

    In November 2017 VDP Srl has organized, jointly with Spea Engineering as stretegic partner, a business trip to Tanzania, with the kind support of the Italian Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, to strenghten relationships with the major National Agencies in the Transport and Infrastructure Sector. The trip has also been the occasion to reinforce ties with local Engineering Companies acting as partner in the Country.

  • 26 September 2017

    Tavola Rotonda RemTech 2017 “Riflessioni sul nuovo Decreto Legislativo 104/2017 del Ministero dell’Ambiente sulla VIA”

    L’Ing. Francesco Ventura, in qualità di Consigliere con delega per ambiente ed energie rinnovabili di OICE, ha organizzato e promosso la Tavola Rotonda “Riflessioni sul nuovo Decreto Legislativo 104/2017 del Ministero dell’Ambiente sulla VIA”. L’incontro si è tenuto lo scorso 21 settembre 2017 a Ferrara nell’ambito di RemTech 2017.

    Il Convegno, moderato da Antonio Cianciullo de “La Repubblica”, è stato introdotto dal Presidente OICE Gabriele Scicolone e da Francesco Ventura che ha introdotto le principali novità previste dal nuovo Decreto Legislativo 104/2017 sulla VIA, poi approfondite nel successivo intervento di Sonia Occhi della VDP.

    Nel Workshop si è tentato di inquadrare le numerose innovazioni portate dalla nuova Legge, alcune delle quali potrebbero incidere in maniera molto significativa sui procedimenti e sulla efficacia degli stessi ai fini della tutela ambientale. In questo contesto si sono succeduti gli interventi delle stazioni appaltanti invitate: Italferr (Antonello Martino), ANAS (Giovanni Magarò), Sogin (Elena Bunone, Alessia Rossi) e Terna (Raffaele Fiorentino).

    La seconda parte del Workshop ha proposto una serie di interventi da parte dei responsabili del settore ambientale di alcune delle società Associate OICE.

  • 19 July 2017


    On July 13th, VDP participated at the Italian Engineering and Architecture Day organized by Italian Trade Agency and OICE at the Italian Pavilion of EXPO 2017 in Astana - Kazakhstan.

    Mr. Ventura, acting as coordinator of Working Group OICE on Smart Cities, presented the recently published study about Smart Cities, which will soon be translated into Russian and English.

    The event also included spechees by the Italian Ambassador in Kazakhstan, the Italian Trade Agency, the Italian Ministry of the Environment and representatives of the Government and the world of Kazakhstan’s engineering industry.

    In the afternoon, B2B meetings were held between Italian companies participating in the mission and the local engineering companies with the aim to develop possible partnerships in the country.

    Here are some photos of the day and of the Expo.

  • 27 June 2017

    Eng. Ventura at G7 Transport Side Event in Cagliari

    On June 20th, Eng. Francesco Ventura took part as speaker at the G7 Transport Side Event “Nice to meet you” in Cagliari.

    The event was attended by, among others, Mayor of Cagliari Zedda, President Piglliaru of Sardinia Region, Chief of Cabinet of Minister Del Rio, General Manager of MInistry of Transport, General Manager of ENAC, Managing Director of Invitalia and Italferr.

  • 07 June 2017

    New Project in Bulgaria

    On May 30th, in Sofia, together with Bulgarian partner P-United, VDP signed the first activation under the Framework Agreement that has been awarded to the JV a few months ago by the Road Infrastructure Agency of Bulgaria.
    The Framework Agreement will provide technical assistance for the development of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and Appropriate Assessment Studies for road projects developed by the Agency.
    Some images of the meeting with the Client.

  • 08 May 2017

    IE EXPO 2017 Shanghai

    VDP took part as exhibitor at Shanghai International Fair “IE EXPO 2017 - Asian Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technology Solution: Water, Waste, Air and Soil” from 4th to 6th May. VDP stand has joined the Italian Pavilion, co-ordinated by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and Sea in the framework of cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Environment.
    During the 3-days exhibition, VDP had numerous meetings with Chinese companies and institutions in the environmental field and with representatives of Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Consulate in Shanghai.

    At this LINK some photos.

  • 23 March 2017

    OICE Conference "Smart City: a possible future"

    During the event, organized on 23rd March in Rome, the volume “Smart City: a Tool for Smart Communities ” has been presented and distributed. The volume has been developed by the specific OICE Working Group coordinated by Mr. Francesco Ventura, VDP CEO.

  • 20 January 2017

    105 Energy Efficency Best Practices made in Italy

    The Energy Efficiency improvement project for the highway company Strada dei Parchi S.p.A., developed by VDP, has been included in the book “105 Energy Efficiency best practices made in Italy”, edited by the Kyoto Club.

    The book (Edizioni Ambiente-Collana KyotoBooks) presents 105 real experiences related to energy efficiency improvements, successful in terms of quality, innovation and outputs obtained. The aim of the publication is to disseminate, support and replicate these initiatives, inspiring policy, legislation and financing at national level.

    Mr. Francesco Ventura, CEO of VDP, will participate at the national presentation of the Book, invited as OICE Board Member.
    The event will take place on 26th January 2017 from 2 to 5.30 pm at Spazio Europa, Via Quattro Novembre, 149 - 00187 Rome.

    The Program of the event is available at this link

  • 20 December 2016

    New VDP Offices

    VDP Srl opened the new headquarters in Rome in Via Federico Rosazza 38.

    The new spaces have been designed by Arch. Carlo Berarducci: the restyling has been selected as a finalist for the Office category at the Inside Festival of Interiors Awards 2016, held in Berlin from 16th to 18th November 2016.

    At the following link a Focus of the project with some photos is available. Photographer: Fernando Guerra.

    Project Focus

  • 19 December 2016

    OICE Report Foreign Activities 2016

    VDP took part at the presentation of the OICE 2016 Report about foreign activites of Engineering and Architecture companies, which took place on December 16th, 2016 at the offices of Italian Trade Agency in Rome. The Report presents analysis and trends of international activities of companies members of OICE: the data of 42 associated companies have been collected for the survey, including VDP Srl ones.

    The VDP experience is illustrated in the Report, with a project developed in the last year in Kenya: “NaMSIP Project - Environmental and Social Imapct Assessment for the rehabilitation of markets and railway stations in the Nairobi metropolitan area.”

    The OICE Report 2016 is available (in Italian) at the following link:

    OICE 2016 Report about foreign activites of Engineering and Architecture companies

  • 21 November 2016

    Green Book on the Environmental Sustainability of Hub Transport Infrastructures

    It has recenly been published the Green Book on Environmental Sustainability of Hub Transport Infrastructure (FrancoAngeli Editore), written by Francesco Ventura and Sonia Occhi of VDP Srl, together with Roberta Marini of RFI Spa and Marco Rettighieri, former DG Construction for Expo 2015 and CEO of ATAC.

  • 10 November 2016

    Green Economy Convention - Ecomondo 2016 Rimini

    Mr. Francesco Ventura participated as OICE Board Member to the Round Table of Seminar “Proposals for a new national energy strategy to 2030 after the Paris Climate Conference”. The Seminar, held on 8th November 2016, is part of the works of the Green Economy Convention, organized during the 2016 edition of Ecomondo, at Rimini Fiera. (Photo)

  • 10 Octobre 2016

    RemTech 2016

    VDP participated as exhibitor at RemTech 2016, the international exhibition on Reclamation of Contaminated Sites and the requalification of territory, that will take place at Ferrara Exhibition Center on September 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2016.
    VDP was present in Hall 4, stand 103-106, at OICE Corner.

    During the exhibition days, VDP has also taken part at the OICE Workshop about “Environmental Sustainability of transport infrastructure“, scheduled on September 21st from 2.30pm to 5.00pm at the Conference Hall B of Fiera di Ferrara, with speeches by Mr. Francesco Ventura and Ms. Sonia Occhi

  • 15 June 2016

    First South East and Central Europe Power Conference

    On 7th and 8th June, Ms. Silvia Martorana of VDP has been invited as a speaker at the First South East and Central Europe Power Conference, organized by the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) in the coastal town of Portoroz in Slovenia.

    The conference has been an opportunity for discussion and exchange of information between the key stakeholders in the Mediterranean energy sector.

    Ms. Martorana was part of the experts of Terna Rete Italia team that developed one of the projects selected for the event brought to the attention of the audience, in the report entitled “Modern energy infrastructures for connecting isolated EU countries in a sustainable way: the Malta-Sicily Interconnector “.

    The project of the Malta-Sicily Interconnector has also received the Award “Good Practice of the Year 2016″, promoted by the Renewable Grid Initiative, a union of European NGOs which aims to develop a transparent and environmentally friendly energy network to enable the continued growth of renewable energy and the energy transition.

  • 06 June 2016

    #italiasicura - Conference "Actions for the mitigation of hydrogeological risk"

    Mr. Francesco Ventura took part as speaker at the Conference organized by #italiasicura - “Actions for the mitigation of hydrogeological risk.” The event has been organized on 31st May 2016 at the Italian Prime Ministry Conference Room and has been attended, among others, by Mr. Mauro Grassi, director of ITALIA SICURA - Task Force against the hydrogeological Risk, Ms. Gaia Checcucci, Director Ministry of Environment, Territory and Sea and Mr. Bernardo De Bernardinis, President of ISPRA.