Company / Organization

The Company, located in Rome, employs a staff of qualified project managers and highly specialized staff with many years of experience in various disciplines of environmental design. The group can handle all design and execution of action plans and ensure our Client the highest competence and professionalism.

The organization of the Company provides that any sector continuously interacts with the others. The teamwork allows to achieve, through the experience and the interdisciplinary of the professionals, a full result, with the highest level of detail and responsive to Clients’ needs.

Thanks to its organizational structure, the Company is able to operate both in Italy and abroad, working to large companies and public and private institutions.

The Technical Department coordinates and supervises a group of professionals specialized in various technical disciplines in the field of Engineering and Environment.

The main specialist units are composed by engineers, architects, geologists, naturalists-biologists, botanists-faunists, physicians, chemists, energy managers, designers, socio-economists. The professionals involved meet the various multidisciplinary needs of developing sectors, and brought to VDP extensive experience in many projects, both in Italy and abroad.

The highly qualified staff of specific consultants is also part of a Technical and Scientific Committee and conducts research, following also the publication of numerous contributes on scientific journals.

Thanks to the high profile of the scientific research contributions, VDP is accredited by the Italian National Research Registry.