News / Archive 2007

  • 23 Octobre 2007

    Conference Ministry of Infrastructure - OICE: "Relaunch Public Works"

    VDP has been Official Sponsor of the Conference, which was held on 23rd October 2007 in Rome.

    The Conference “Relaunch Public Works - Develop a Big Work in Three Years conforming to the Most advanced countries” organized by OICE under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure has dealt with the issues of operational efficiency and decision-making capacity for the development of modern infrastructures

  • 25 June 2007

    Conference: Design of acoustic barriers for infrastructure

    VDP was among the organizers of the conference ‘Design criteria and modalities of implementation of noise barriers for road and rail infrastructure’, which was held at the Faculty of Engineering in Rome - University of Rome “La Sapienza” 25th June 2007.

    The aim of conference was bringing together the government, the management bodies of transport infrastructure company, the University, the designers and developers of noise barriers, in order to share, develop and discuss new solutions.

  • 23 February 2007

    Magazine "Il Mondo" interviews VDP

    The magazine “Il Mondo,” a weekly publications by Rizzoli sold jointly with “Corriere della Sera”, interviewed Mr. Francesco Ventura, CEO of VDP. The interview has been published in number 8 of 23rd February 2007.

    “Il mondo”